Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

1429 Words May 31st, 2016 6 Pages
Abortion has been the talk of our century today and from the pass and until now abortion is still an active debate in our society today. Abortion is to be taken seriously by many; it can have a great impact on the mother’s physical and mental health whether it is long-term or a short-term health condition. Before abortion, many should take consideration of another option such as adoption after all, “A child should not lose its right to life because its father or mother was a sexual criminal or a deviant. [ CITATION Mic90 l 1033 ]” So, therefore abortion is a matter than everyone should go against for. Many would agree that abortion could lead or affect the mother’s health regarding her mental health or physical health. As for emotional wise, most often emotional and psychological effects after abortion is taken place is more common than the physical effect on woman [ CITATION Adl15 l 1033 ]. After the process of abortion, it can lead to regret and worst to depression and as listed the potential emotional effects can be regret, anger, guilt shame, sense of loneliness, loss of self confidence, insomnia, depression and a lot more [ CITATION Adl15 l 1033 ]. These negative side effects can lead to further more situations such as suicidal. So then, abortion doesn’t only kill the baby but can also lead the mother to committing suicide. Other than the emotional effects abortion had, it also holds some serious health effects after it’s been done. Certain procedures are performed…

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