Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

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"Access to safe abortion is both a fundamental human right and central to women 's health. Where abortion is illegal or inaccessible, the search for abortion humiliates women and undermines their self-respect and dignity." (Project) Abortion is the purposeful termination of a pregnancy. It is a very controversial topic in America, and has been for decades. Many people believe killing a fetus is inhumane. There also are people who believe women have a right to choose their reproduction choices. Pro-Choice is the right to choose. This choice is the better option, because it is a natural human right to choose to have a child or not. I realize there are a lot of other options rather than having an abortion. But who are we to tell someone they can’t. There is a pro-choice movement going on around the country. Women’s rights in choosing weather or not to have an abortion or not. In the 1973 United States Supreme Court case, Jane Roe challenged the law the case made its way to the USSC. The case was in court for approximately 2 years, and finally a decision was made. The court was in favor of Jane Roe, with a 7-2 vote. The justices voted that taking away a woman’s right to have an abortion was a violation of the ninth and 14th amendments. But the practice of abortion was restricted during the third trimester of a pregnancy. As soon as this ruling was determined, an opposition was emerged. The Roman Catholic Church had criticized abortion. And out came the Pro-Life movement.…

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