Should Abortion Be Illegal? Essay

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Abortion should be illegal because it should be the government who should be protecting the right to life.The government is in charge of making laws to protect the most basic human rights and our values. Abortion contradicts the purpose of those laws. Civil rights are violated when people are deprived of their basic rights in a biased way. Unborn children have the most basic right of all taken away, simply based on their location (their mother’s womb) and their developmental status. (Brown 6). The right of life is taken away the moment the mother decides she will not go through with her pregnancy. Brown states “In addition to the Federal Act, 38 US states have separate fetal homicide laws. The laws of 23 of those states protect the fetus from the very earliest stages of pregnancy, regardless of viability outside the womb”(Respecting Human Life 6). This tells us that the fetus is protected in only 23 states of 50. That can be changed but it hasn’t yet. When the United States became an Independent Nation the Founding Fathers declared ‘All men are created equal…with certain unalienable Rights…Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’. This is written in the declaration of independence! Which shows how much the gift of life is valued. Pro-life supporters say that it has always been the responsibility of government and law enforcement to protect the helpless(Charles 5). In this case it 's the fetus who is unable to save itself. Through this evidence, it is clear that the…

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