Shaping Colonial America Essay

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Many different things affected the shaping of colonial America in the new world. Factors such as colonialism, geography, and religion affected the way North America was formed and dictated how other people look at colonial America. Colonialism affected America’s demographic and also the ease of forming colonies in the new world. Geography also played a roll in shaping the identity of America. Geography affected where people settled based on the layout of rivers, ocean, and waterways. People also settled in places where they could grow crops. Geography also attracted colonists. Finally, religion affected the forming of colonial America. People were driven from England because of religion. Also, religion affected where people settled down. …show more content…
Over the years, corn fed thousands of colonists and cattle, therefore, helping shape the identity of America. Another very important crop in colonial America was tobacco. In Virginia, for example, tobacco was the backbone of the entire colony. Without tobacco, the colony probably would not have been able to withstand and plant a solid foundation in colonial America. On the other side of the spectrum, the lack of food also affected the identity of America. Back in Virginia, in the 1620’s, many colonists died shortly after arriving and over the winter. This was partially because of the lack of food. So the lack of food, which deals with the geography of a location, killed off some of the colonists. Therefore, it can be said that the geography of the new world affected the identity of America.
Religion was another factor that shaped the identity of colonial America. In Europe, religion was a major issue. Certain countries did not give citizens the freedom of religion. This drove people away from Europe and increased the number of people coming to America. The main group that came to America was the puritans. They saw the opportunity to practice religion freely and they seized it. This caused an increase in the number of immigrants, which therefore helped shape the identity of America.
The factors of colonialism, geography, and religion all helped shape the

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