Shakespearean Sonnets And Modern Day Love Songs Essay

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Shakespearean Sonnets and Modern Day Love Songs
Shakespeare’s is a very well-known British poet, playwright, etc. that wrote a majority of the plays that we all read in school. Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, all with no name. All 154 sonnets were published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe, most likely without Shakespeare’s consent. Speculation says that the first 126 sonnets are about a young man that he was in love with. The final 28 sonnets are about a promiscuous woman that is known as “The Dark Lady.” All of his sonnets are classified differently into miniature groups based on the time it was composed during and what they are all about. The sonnets are believed to be about Shakespeare’s personal life, similar to most love songs. Love songs come from the heart, similar to what Shakespeare’s sonnets ensured. Shakespeare’s sonnets 116, 18, and 29 are all about love, such as the songs, “Love Don’t Change”, “Laura”, and “All Bad.” To begin with we have Sonnet 18, one of the most loved and well known sonnets. Sonnet 18 is a part of the collection of sonnets 18-25, that all describe his relationship with his friend. Sonnet 18 relates to Sonnet 116, discussing fading beauty. “Sonnet 18 is concerned both with the beauty of the young man it addresses and the poem’s ability to capture and preserve his beauty.” (Shakespeare 77). This sonnet connects a lot with the song “Laura” by Flogging Molly. The song “Laura” is about a girl named Laura that is not here anymore but will forever live…

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