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SG Cowen: New Recruits
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1. What are the key decision points used by S.G. Cowen in making hiring decisions? What is your evaluation of the process used by the firm?
Key decision points:
Paying more attention to the next 15 universities in the top 25 - They used to compete with big firms like JP Morgan and Goldman for recruiting new employees, but it was hard to get the best students from the best schools. Because competitors got most of the best students with huge recruiting budgets, brand names and much larger hiring needs. So they decided to extend candidate schools’ boundary to compete big, giant competitors. They could even find good candidates who have high loyalty, commitment, and cultural fits from next 15
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(Exhibit 1 page.13) so i exclude Martin Street first. He doesn’t have any work experience even more, I don’t know he has good knowledge about banking also. So under the uncertainty of his ability of banking I couldn’t select him. And remaining 3 candidates all have good skills but also have their own defects. I want to focus on the ‘defects’ whether it can be manageable, getting better with their effort. So, first think about Ken Goldstein, I decided not to choose him. Because although he has good skills in both work and interpersonal, he has family and child who really need his hands and cares. It is obvious that he cannot be free in his work from these family affairs.
So, talking about final “Yes” candidates Natalya Godlewska and Andy Sanchez, first Natalya Godlewska she has good work experience and knowledge, and hard working person. But her English is not perfect and lack of cultural fit. Nevertheless, I think once she get an offer and start working, she can overcome those problems she will face. Because she is hard working person and surely, the more she accustomed to the SG Cowen, the less her problem will be. As for Andy Sanchez, though his GPA is low, he has good SATs and GMATs score. So It is not that he is lack of knowledge of business, rather he has no time to back up the test score due to his own business. But, through his business experience, he has real

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