Save as Many as You Ruin Essay examples

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A: Save as Many as You Ruin

“Save as Many as You Ruin” is a short story written by Simon Van Booy, it was published in 2007. The story is about love, aging, fear of disappearing and perhaps realization.

The mood in the story is kind of dim and quiet. The snow makes it cold outside, but makes Gerard’s home, his daughter’s room especially, cosy and warm. At the beginning of the story it is not dark yet outside, however you get as sense of darkness, this is because of the snow, but mainly because of the darkness in Gerard’s thoughts.

Gerard is a businessman living in New York with his 8-year-old daughter Lucy. He considers himself a handsome man, and he used to sleep with a lot of women, but he never loved any of them. It seems
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The thoughts that come to his mind here is that he has gotten a second chance, someone on has mapped out his path, and helps him follow it, but this someone is not someone in his world. “Life is a string of guided and subtle explosions” so, his life is a string, and he is being guided so he can follow it.

There are so many contrasts in this story, there are the little ones such as: “Lights are coming on, but it’s not yet dark” here it is the light and the darkness. Then there are the major ones; the contrast between life and death. The life in the story is represented by Lucy, Gerard’s wonderful and beloved daughter, she is the light of Gerard’s life. “Laughing and flailing her arms as though they are about to become wings.” a clear symbol of life, the vividness of a small child. Laurel also represents life in the story; she is a part of “the day to come” she represents Gerard’s new life, with her and his daughter. Death in this story is Issy, she represents his fear of dying, and the fear of leaving

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