Sample Essay : ' The Never Ending Conversation '

817 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 4 Pages
Retrospective Essay

The goal of this course was to teach us the proper way to write, to help us communicate more efficiently in the business world, and to teach how to join the “never-ending conversation”. This class has already accomplished that and much more. Not only have we covered almost all of the course goals, excluding synthesis which will be covered soon; we have been challenged to think about more advanced topics, to stay current in the world, and to discern information for ourselves, not to instantly believe what others say. While in class learning the teacher has kept the course away from the traditional lecture structure and has engaged with the class leading conversations and not preaching to the class.

Many of our conversations were about nonsense topics seemingly unrelated to anything, they still engaged us with one another and we still formed our own opinions our presented them. Most of our class periods were spent discussing the writing that we had been working on. These conversations helped us formulate new ideas, focus our topics, and take ownership of our writing. One of the hardest things for me to do is to focus on one topic; however we have done a few things to help with that.

The second book we read was They Say/I Say this book was essentially a hand guide on writing about a topic. This book has many templates that help to arrange the ideas intended for the paper in a clear and organized fashion that help support your main topic. The worksheet…

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