Ruth Frankenberg Essay

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In Ruth Frankenberg’s book, White Women: Race Matters. On the Social Construction of Whiteness, her main argument is that ‘race shapes white women’s lives.’ As the reader continues on they are profoundly convinced by her argument. Through the use of gender, race, class, and nation Frankenberg’s analysis is full of incitement and quite telling.
This chapter elaborates on Frankenberg’s statement that ‘race shapes white women’s lives’. Ruth begins by comparing this statement to those that are more commonly heard, such as how gender shapes the lives of men and women. She then begins to elaborate on her theory by bringing to the reader’s attention to the broad perspective of ‘whiteness.’ Frankenberg explores the idea of two analytic
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Social feminism is another phrase that brings more meaning than what may appear. Frankenberg uses these words as a rational and logical obligation to three sayings. Societies structured in power, that feminist react from what they know from society yet question the ideas that they believe need change. Experience constructs identity and finally there is a connection between experience, worldview and standpoint and that to understand the view point more clearly it is seen clearer through the position of those who exploited by it. Ethnocentrism is used in Frankenberg argument to elaborate on the limits feminist analysis and strategy is used on issues relating to family and reproductive rights. Ethnocentrism is a branch of beliefs that study the nature of knowledge, its assumptions and basics, and its boundary and authority. Although this article shows the clear transformation between the second and third wave feminist and explains a respectable account for racism, the content of the chapter seem too complicated to follow without reciting to previous examples or explanations found earlier in the text. The new wording was justified with explanations and was reasonable to understand especially when examples were used.
Overall, Ruth Frankenberg’s introduction to, White Women: Race Matters. On the Social Construction of Whiteness grabbed one’s attention

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