Russia: the End of a Time of Troubles? Essay examples

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Four major problems:
Decision Making
Government and Business
Legal System Trust
Throughout the case, one theme that seems to reappear is the issue of trust. Without trust in the federal government, people take it upon themselves to do what is necessary to survivie. They no longer trust the government to provide a safe environment for them to live. This issue might starts small but gradually affect areas such as the business transaction, the monetary system, the tax system, and ultimately the sovereignty of the government.
Distrust in the government led to an increase in bartering. This leads to two major problems - the inability of firms to pay wages and the inability of the government to collect taxes. Additionally,
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There will always be a relationship between business and government, but when business becomes government, problems will arise. The new laws should be strictly enforced to prevent Oligarchs from gaining too much political influence. Also the government should forgive events that past. This will foster a focus that looks toward the future.
Pros – Form new relationship with business, and have a clean good start with business to build cooperation and foster a competitive environment.
Cons – Some people might feel cheated due to Oligarchs theft of power. Government gave up valuable resources to Oligarchs for almost nothing, and some of those resources are vital to the health of the government.

Alternative – Enforce present laws and punish those who broke the laws.
The oligarchs stole and committed lots illegal acts to obtain power. The government should redistribute this power as originally intended.
Pros – Monopolies that were formed by Oligarchs are now distributed fairly and allows for competition and increase efficiency in operations. The government will re-acquire the vital assets that the Oligarchs won through illegal acts.
Cons – Relation with some of the richest men in Russia will be fierce and demoralizing for the economy. Many smaller firms will be worry that the government is

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