Essay about Risk Factors of Crime and Victimization

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CRM 1300 E

By: Bhavna Bakshi

Course Code: CRM 1300 E
Professor: Professor Waller
Date Submitted: Thursday, June-12-08

Dear Premier,

I believe change derives from feeling unsafe to being safe and making an impact to the levels of victimization. This is why I want to now direct your attention to the risk factors of crime and victimization; level of crime in our province; and how much crime it is costing for Ontario’s taxpayers. In addition, I would like to propose several recommendations that can make significant changes to Ontario’s crime level and reduce victimization.

1. The Risk of Crime and Victimization to Canadians
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Their aim is to stop violence and support the work of women’s human rights advocates around the world. I believe Ontario should keep such campaigns constant, because it will show that the right of women is to be free from violence.

Another way to help women that are victims of violence is to allow women to also work in police stations. This was to assist ordinary women who were victims of violence to have more confidence that they would be treated fairly and seriously when they went to the police station. Moreover, actions to prevent violence against women are attended usually after the fact. However, women can also reduce violence by empowering women and girls by reducing discriminatory practices, fostering women’s networking, and improving women’s self-esteem. It should also be noted that these preventive strategies are relevant in the United States as in Canada or England.

4. Measures to Reduce Opportunity for Crime
In order to reduce the level of crime, you must tackle the risk factors. A risk factor is anything that increases the probability that a person will suffer harm. Depending on the social setting and age, there are many risk factors that can be identified. For instance, the WHO illustrates an ecological model made up of four social settings: environment, community, family, and individual. To reduce any opportunity for crime,

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