Essay about Reconstruction: Who Won the Peace?

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The North may have won the war, but they did a horrible job in trying to win the peace. The south had their new form of slavery, which was contained in the "Black Codes"; laws passed throughout the South that laid heavy restrictions on what, who, and where African-Americans could be. President Johnson saw that the only way to get the freedmen as subordinates again was to let the south back in he started signing pardons so fast that they had to assign an office to help him keep up. Johnson didn't interfere with the south and they continued their plantations, with the plantation owners running the south, in essence becoming exactly what they were before the war. It was like it had never happened. When
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That was the biggie, that African-Americans were equals and allowed to have a say in what was going on! But the south couldn't change that. They were still almost entirely agricultural, with plantations spreading as far as the eye could see. Johnson saw nothing wrong with that, or he didn't want to, so he let it go. He didn't put the army down there or anything, he just let everything go back to normal. That's what everybody, except the radical republicans, wanted. So things settled down like they do and almost everyone was happy, or at least tired of Reconstruction.

So after Reconstruction was over the South won most of the peace. Yeah, the African-Americans had some rights now, but not a lot. The north wanted reconstruction over, and it got it. The south got their slavery, back into the union, and returned to the way of life they had always

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