Reality Tv Essay

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In the media, reality TV stars like Snooki and Kim Kardashian are on the rise. Most channels on television have at least one reality show, from following housewives to remodeling homes of real life families. However, there are some reality programs that display bad examples, especially for young audiences that are keeping up with each episode. On MTV people see girls being drunk in public, addicts doing drugs, and young girls raising babies at young ages; these are situations seen on reality TV shows. Jeremy W. Peters’ “When Reality TV Gets Too Real” and James Poniewozik’s “Why Reality TV is Good for us” inform readers about what the general public can view on television and how it affects the minds of children. Reality TV shows such as …show more content…
Not only can reality TV humiliate people but it can also send a bad message to kids. In the latest season of the Real World the cast happens to have an underage teen on the show. The cast gets drunk and parties frequently as if it is a daily routine, and having a cast member who’s below the drinking age can cause some controversy. Figures on TV like this particular cast member can let other kids and teens believe that underage drinking is ok because it seems fun and exciting. Jersey Shore promotes drinking as well because the cast members are always drunk in public, having a “good time.” Intervention shows women selling themselves for drugs and driving under the influence because they feel like they can do whatever makes them feel happy. In “When Reality TV Gets Too Real” Peters talks about how he’s seen “children of alcoholic parents watching their mother in a drunken stupor, watching their mother pass out, watching their mother throw” and feels awful for “those innocent children as causalities of their mother’s addiction” (241). The author is saying that when a little kid is shown watching his or her parents pass out or throw up, it can be traumatizing for him or her and it can ultimately affect the rest of their future because these addicts are their main role models.
Many of us love to watch reality TV. It lets one see a life from a different perspective. Sometimes viewers watch these shows because they are jealous or want

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