Reality Tv - the Real Issues Essay

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In today’s society, media plays a major role in many decisions people make. Whether it’s seeing the way your favorite movie star dresses, or listening to the newest bands, media makes a difference in everyone’s life. Recently reality television has become a bigger, more popular pastime that many American people enjoy. With so many different reality shows coming out one of the biggest problems that America faces is what kind of message these shows are projecting to their viewers. Almost every reality show that’s out there right now is in some way almost degrading to regular human beings. Shows that get some of the most viewers include the ones with the worst values. Getting plastic surgery to improve your looks, or becoming famous by …show more content…
The whole show was a waste of time, and just portrayed her as someone who craves attention, from the way she expresses herself, to the way she dresses. She is only on TV after previously being on a show called “Flavor of Love” which was also another one of VH1’s reality shows. On it she fought physically and mentally against many other girls to try and win the heart of rapper Flavor Flave. This can give off the impression that by being on a reality television show that you compete and win you will become famous and make something of yourself. In a sense this is true but to whose standards? Shows like this can clearly make a name for you, but who wants to become famous from something like “winning” a competition for Flavor Flave’s heart?
After reading another article called, “Another Reality TV Show Or A Reality Check?” by Geela, you can see that her opinion on the matter of reality TV is also another strong one, like Prose. She states that the culture we live in today “worships vanity, rather than virtue” (1). With that in mind, she feels that “reality TV is merely a reflection of what our society has become – a materialistically driven society where the love of power and money has overcome the power of love” (1). And after watching reality television you see that this is true. In “New York Goes To Hollywood” she clearly never ends up seriously in “love” with Flavor Flave. They had a relationship for the show, and when it was over and she won she

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