Essay on Randy Kraft

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Randy Kraft

Sotey Thomas

Dr. K. Dowler

California State University Stanislaus

This research paper is based on the actions of the serial killer named Randy Kraft. This paper will contain three separate theories that will be used to describe and possibly answer reasons why he did what he did. The three theories that will be included are rational choice and routine activities from the Choice Theory, the social strain theory from the Social Structure Theory and the social control theories from the Social Process Theory. Randy Kraft was born in 1945 in Long Beach, California. Kraft was the 4th of 5 children and was the only boy. He was very accident prone and clumsy as a young boy but throughout school was very
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Although this theory seems to fit with precise measures let's take a look at a different perspective. The social control theory may emphasize what has been explained above.
The second approach, that may possibly explain Kraft's actions are the social control theories. I will begin with the containment theory and explain the internal pushes, external pressures and the external pulls of the theory. Kraft knew from an early age he was gay and seemed to have somewhat of a mental conflict of why he felt the way he did. He lacked the self-esteem needed to make friends during his adolescence that would turn to rebellion. Kraft was never satisfied with just one sexual partner as he always pushed for multiple partners. The need for instant gratification would overwhelm all thoughts when it came to raping and killing his victims. These internal pressures would eat away at the dysfunctional personality of his. External pressures in this case were almost unapparent, except the fact of insecurity, which Randy acted upon by having numerous sex partners before the killings began. Kraft did in fact fall victim to external pulls such as pornography and the deviant gay lifestyle, as it was viewed in the1960's.
These three forces overwhelmed Kraft and would lead him to suffer mental conflict. He often had chronic headaches that could possibly be contributed to his personality disorder. Kraft did not want to kill at first but the urges of gratification and mockery as a

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