Essay about Questions On Economics And Intelligence

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How does one arrive at a conclusion for matters relating to economics and intelligence? At the most base levels, both intelligence and economic professionals base their analysis on data. How that data is analyzed and incorporated into a conclusion is a primary concern for decision makers in government and business. The Business Dictionary defines analysis as “an examination of data and facts to uncover and understand cause-effect relationships, thus providing basis for problem solving and decision making.” The discipline of economics utilizes methods and theories of analysis which can be complimentary to intelligence analysis. This paper seeks to examine four methodologies of analysis commonly used in the study of economics to compare and contrast their usefulness in the furtherance of rigorous intelligence analysis. Benefit cost analysis, game theory, operations research, and econometric forecasting are structured methodological tools which meet several of the requirements delineated by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in Intelligence Community Directive Number 203: Analytic Standards. These economic theories for analysis tend to require quantitative methods that are based on economic and mathematical theory; however, this paper seeks to instead assay their utility towards finished intelligence for a policy maker.
A key concern with any of the following methodologies, and indeed all levels of analysis, is the assumptions that the analyst makes…

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