Quality Improvement Paper

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Quality Improvement Paper
Shellee D. Blue
University of Phoenix
MGT 449
May 5, 2008

A Description of the Chosen Process The process I chose that needs improvement in my organization is bookkeeping. We need to expand bookkeeping and create a department for it instead of just having one bookkeeper that is over loaded with all the work.
An “As-Is” Flow Chart T
The Relationship of the Process to the Organization’s Strategic Plan The organization’s strategic plan is for the company to grow. If we only employ one bookkeeper to do all the bookkeeping, we would never be able to take on new clients. If we create a department for bookkeeping and hire few more bookkeepers, we
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Estimate the level of improvement that could be realized and the value of implementing this process improvement The level of improvement would be great. The value of the process improvement would bring on more clients in turn making the company more money in turn the company growing.
The Findings of the Simulation Activity Quality management determines and implements the quality policy of the organization. Quality policy involves meeting and exceeding customer expectations in products, people, processes, and environments. It is quality that gives companies that extra edge needed to survive. Effective Quality Management leads to a higher productivity. While investigating the causes for the serge in defect rates, I was required to use quality tools like control charts and pareto charts to analyze the data given on each of the four-processes- Stamping, Welding, Riveting, and Injection Molding. I had to interpret this data correctly to narrow down the defect to one of the key process areas. I decided that Stamping is the key process area leading to the defects. I made the correct decision. The control chart for stamping shows you two clear instances of the fraction defective rate exceeding

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