Essay about Qualities Of A Successful Entrepreneur

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Three qualities I would most be looking for in the leader of my business team would be commitment and determination, leadership and creativity, self-reliance and adaptability. I would be looking for these qualities because I believe that they are the most important qualities that a successful entrepreneur should have. In my opinion, these are qualities of an entrepreneur that you cannot teach to anyone. Commitment and determination, leadership and creativity, self-reliance and adaptability are qualities that people are born with and those who posses these attributes are more likely to make it as an entrepreneur. The first quality a successful entrepreneur must have is commitment and determination. This is the most important key factor an entrepreneur should posses. An entrepreneur who embodies this quality has a tenacity and problem solving persistence, discipline, ability to commit and de-commit rapidly and a willingness to undertake personal sacrifice. If you are committed and determined you have very high self confidence. The more you believe in yourself, the more likely you are to continue to struggle for success when faced with tremendous obstacles. If you don 't have determination, how are you going to overcome the problems that every entrepreneur faces when they start a new venture. If I am a college graduate who is joining an entrepreneurial start-up as my first job and I see my leader is committed and determined and has so much passion for his product, it will…

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