Psychology Of Human Sexual Behavior Class Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze a movie using three concepts from psychology of human sexual behavior class. The movie i will analyze is Friends with Benefits. The three concepts i will apply are self-disclosure, Field of eligibles, and the triangular theory of love.
This movie stars Justin Timberlake who plays Dylan Harper a Los Angeles Art Director and Mila Kunis who plays Jamie Rellis a New York city head hunter. As an executive recruiter Jamie trys to recruit and persuade Dylan to move to New York City and Manage GQs art department there. Their profession relationship quickly turns into a friendships which then escalates to a relationship known as friends with benefits. They both agree to have sex with each other regularly without the involvement of commitment, feelings, and emotions. This relationship lasts for some time until they start to devolope feelings for one another but have trouble accepting it and expressing it due their past love life’s with always resulted in heartbreaks and chaos.
The first concept that is portrayed in this film is self-disclosure which is the process of revealing personal, private, and intimate thoughts, feelings, and information to another person (Hock 118). The book Human Sexuality says that “obviously, when you first meet a prospective romantic partner, you are unlikely to open up completely about your most personal self “but in the scene where they are undressing to have sex for the first time they reveal private information…

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