Psy 360 Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage Essay

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Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage
Sherrie Y. Saunders
PSY 360
Evi Pover
March 18, 2013

Cognitive Functions and Phineas Gage The discussion of this paper is the role of cognitive brain functions and Phineas Gage. The amazing story of Phineas Gage will be analyzed and the explanation of cognitive functioning in regard to his situation is very interesting and is also a major topic in this paper. Cognitive brain functions will be thoroughly examined in this paper as well. Cognitive functioning is when an individual has the ability to use mental processes to learn, reason, problem solve, make decisions, and comprehend. It also helps in focusing your attention and remembering events. Without cognitive processing
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These three regions are responsible for the processing of internally and externally driven motor commands, the motor plans that accompany them, and the executive control needed to perform actions successfully. Finally, in the left hemisphere, Broca's area, dedicated to language production, can be found. (Stephens, PH.D, Phineas P. Gage was a railroad construction foreman who was known for the accident that he survived when a long iron rod blasted through his head because he failed to put sand over blasting powder and caused it to spark when the iron rod struck rock. The most amazing part is that he destroyed both of his frontal lobes. Before the accident he was known as a hardworking, responsible, and socially accepted man but after the accident he suffered diminished sociability, unusual sexual habits, careless and risk taking and also an unimpaired IQ. Later on it was revealed that after years of studies that the tamping iron passed mostly through his left frontal lobe. “The executive functions of the frontal lobes include: choosing between good and bad actions, overriding and suppressing inappropriate social responses and understanding how future consequences result from current actions. The frontal lobes also play an important part in retaining long term emotional memories.” (Trauma 2010: 12; 171-174) Phineas P. Gage suffered severe damage to his

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