Promotion on Marketing Strategies Essay

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The topic that I going to choose is about the main things that I have learn in my industrial training. The topic that I’m going to discuss is a study on the sales and marketing strategies on the promotion at Shangri-la’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang. Sales and marketing department is one of the important departments in hotel that can make a biggest profit for the hotel. The topic that i choose is based on the situation that i happen when i do a industrial tranning. How they do a promotion to get a better profit and benefit. The types of promotion that they have done.

The objectives of this study is for study the process in developing marketing and promotion mix
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Promotion Ø Discount – for special occasions or returning guest they will be a discount for them who stay in Shangri-la. for example if the guest stay in this hotel for more then 2 days they will get a special discount one free night in the hotel with breakfast. 22:41 Analysis Although there are promotion have been made but there are still some weakness that occur during the promotion nevertheless there are some strength. Here are the analysis of strength and weakness for the promotion. Strength- during the promotion, percentage of incoming guest is increasing and certain people in the main target of the marketing showing their interest in dealing business with the hotel. As for the hotel, after the renovation will increasing the hotel reputation and reduce some of the maintenance of the hotel. Weakness-there are still some weaknesses found in the promotion. Firstly is the money, a lot of it will be use to invest on promotion, renovation and publicity. Secondly is the time, for the renovation to upgrade certain part of the hotel will take quite a long time to finish. Thirdly is lack of knowledge in advertising the hotel, where sales and marketing department should concern in order to achieve a good sales is doing a good publicity and promotion for hotel. Proposal How to overcome the weakness:- Ø Motivate and training the staff to ensure the quality

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