Project Requirements and Analysis Essay

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Jonesville Library
Board of Directors
310 Church St.
Jonesville, MI 49250
Dear Trusted members of the Board:
Infinity Computers is pleased that you have chosen our firm to conduct and implement your system upgrading. We would like to take this opportunity to expand further on our previous Feasibility Study by providing you with our System Requirements and Project Analysis documentation. The information contained in this document is delineated below. Also included in this portion is the updated miscellaneous hardware section. This revision has also increased the price by a nominal amount but feel that this small increase in pricing will help further secure your network from unwanted parties.
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This section of the JonesvilleLib domain will house all certificates, security polices and tracking logs. Basically this domain will be a sub-parent rather than a child domain like the Employee and Member domains.
At the top level JonesvilleLib.domain you have to heart and soul of the organization. Housed here is the back-bone that ties all network services together, i.e. Jonesville Library software suite (employee and member), dBase data file and all other offices suites that your library currently holds. This system is user restricted to Managers, IT techs, Infinity employee's (for support purposes only!) and anyone else identified in the user agreement list by the Board of directors for Jonesville Library.

For Jonesville Library printing services we will use 2 Dell 5110cn Color Laser Printers tied into the back-bone for member and employee usage. The locations of the printers will be determined by onsite personnel, but we recommend that 1 be placed behind the service desk and 1 located in the internet café. In this fashion members that require printing needs can easily access there prints from the centrally located internet café and pick up more demanding print jobs or print jobs that require authorization from the service desk. Miscellaneous hardware to complete the job for Jonesville Library system will include but is not limited to 1 Cisco 1760 10/100Mbps VoIP/VPN Router-RM used for connecting the ISP and the network switch (Netgear - GS748T - 48-Port

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