Project Management in Bangladesh Essay

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Project Management

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Subject: “Project Management Practices in Bangladesh”

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Project Management Practices
Project management is defined by the set of principles, methodologies, procedures and practices used to ensure that "projects" are completed on time, on budget and as required. To qualify as a project, the designated initiative must have specific
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The extent of risks to consider can be different for a trial launch type of project than for one that demands virtual perfection. Making sure that everyone on the team is aware of project management best practices ensures the best results.

Project Management Practices - Hints and Tips

Planning: Without a plan, your project will be impossible to control. People who must execute a plan should be involved in its preparation. Use a Project Notebook to fully document a project - proper and accurate documentation is an important aspect of project management best practices. Project plan should be signed off by all stakeholders in a meeting. Use a Change Order form, signed by affected stakeholders, to record significant changes to the project.

Mission statement should be developed for larger projects before goals and objectives are established.
Satisfying the customer of a project must be a primary concern.
Objectives should be written out and placed in project notebook.
Objectives should contain actual calendar deadlines rather than being specified as "within x months"

Estimating Time and Cost
Padding is legitimate to reduce risk, but should be done above the board. An estimate is not a fact. Reduce time available for a person to work on a project to allow for meetings, breaks and other interruptions

Use chart-of-accounts to track labor costs. Record time daily to ensure accuracy.

Gantt chart is most useful to see

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