Essay on Professional Dispositions

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Professional dispositions are defined as the values, commitments, and professional ethics that influence behaviors towards students, families, colleagues, and communities and effect student learning, motivation, and development as well as the educators own professional growth. Dispositions are guided by beliefs and attitudes related values such as caring, fairness, honesty, responsibility, and social justice, For example they might include a belief that all students can learn, a vision of high and challenging standards, or a commitment to a safe and supportive learning environment (NCATE, 2002).
Research shows that attributes of the classroom teacher significantly affect how well students learn. Recently it has become clear that the
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Student teachers should not take constructive criticism in a negative way. Student teachers should always react positively to suggestions and opportunities for growth. My cooperative teacher’s way of acting with me as a student teacher is the same way that she deals with her students. She takes a very active role in guiding me through the whole teaching experience. One thing that she does is make her own materials used in the classroom unavailable to me. This forces me to use my own materials and come up with my own activities for my lessons. I enjoy putting my own lessons together and coming up with my own activities for the students. She also models a very assertive discipline plan which I do feel is my weakest asset. She also gives me a lot of guidance in design and planning of lessons. For example, she told me to effectively teach fifth grade students I should always chunk the material into sections. By breaking the lesson into pieces students will have an easier time remembering the material being taught. By helping me throughout my teaching experience I have learned to react positively to her suggestions. Student teachers should always be socially articulate when speaking with their co-op teachers, administrations, parents and of course their students. Teachers should be role models for their students and language should be the top of the list of teacher priorities. This disposition is very

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