Presidential Leadership And A President 's Capacity Essay

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Many factors shape presidential leadership and a president’s capacity to change the direction of American politics. In The Politics Presidents Make, Stephen Skowronek argues that by accurately locating a President in political time it is possible to obtain an understanding of the broad character of a President’s leadership position and a better insight into the opportunities and constraints on leadership that characterize a President’s term of office. In the nature of politics, the ability to define what politics is and have a majority sign on to that interpretation is the center of the politics presidents make. The capacity to define politics is a function of location in political time. There are four principle leadership categories, which Skowronek distinguishes through key defining features. This paper will locate President Obama as a reconstructive president, because Obama’s presidency represents a transformative movement where American politics has successfully been transformed. This indicates that George W. Bush is placed in political time as a disjunctive leader, because at the end of Bush’s terms in office there was a repudiation of Reaganism causing the Republican regime to collapse and allowing for a renewal in American politics.
The Constitution is at odds end with fundamental change. However, there are conditions under which presidents possess the political authority to bring about fundamental political change. Fundamental political change is the ability to…

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