Essay on Power Structure Of The Military

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The military defends the country and its citizens by any means necessary. The power structure of the military is the most prominent aspect that is known to civilians, but there is much more to the armed forces than that. Each tear of the power structure has a responsibility to watch over the lower tears and make sure they are doing their job correctly and build their record. Each service member relies on his/her record to dictate how they are treated and advance in the military. There is a code of conduct in the Military that is specific to each branch, the code of conduct must be followed or strict disciplinary action will be taken. The practice of panopticism is most prevalent in the Marines, the strictest branch of the United States Military.
The rank system in the Marines creates a distinct power structure and allows for hierarchical observation. There are twelve ranks in the Marines, from private to sergeant major. The higher ranks have power over the lower ranks; they give the lower rank orders and make sure that their job is being done correctly. While observing the lower ranks, the higher ranking Marines develops a record which contains notes about the person along with all of his/her scores on the required tests. The record that is developed decides if and when the Marine moves up in rank (The Military Panopticon). The hierarchical observation system makes it that “everybody is supervised at all times from the. . . bottom up” (The Military Panopticon).…

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