Poverty And Lack Of Economic Opportunities Essay

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Esperanza, a single mother in Mexico lost her child to starvation and decided in order to avoid another situation like that she must leave her children with her family and find a job in Los Angeles as a seamstress. Ezperanza believing she was following a legitimate job lead when she was sold into slavery. She was separated from her children and was unable to send home any money she eared back to them. Ezperanza clearly recalls the abuse, both physical and mental; she suffered while working at a sweatshop. She also recalls the threats she would receive continuously from her abuser as a way to keep her quite. Ezperanza is one of the hundreds of thousands of people who faced or are still facing the horrors of human trafficking.
Education can be used to better the situation for people affected by human trafficking. It helps them integrate back into society and also prevents people from being susceptible or vulnerable to it. Poverty and lack of economic opportunities cause many women and children to become potential victims of traffickers associated with international criminal organizations. These victims become vulnerable to false promises of job opportunities or chances of better lives in other countries. A large amount of those who accept offers such as these from what they believe to be legitimate sources often find their documents are destroyed, their families threatened with harm, or they are bombarded by a debt that they have no chance of paying. Human trafficking in the…

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