Essay on Postmodernism and the Matrix

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Postmodernism in The Matrix Postmodern writing evolved around WWII in response to Modernism that dominated the 19th c. The two writing styles share many characteristics, but the defeated modernist wallows in his realizations whereas the postmodernist offers a light or hope in conclusion. There is still a sense of foreboding for the postmodernist concerning science and technology. However, they are able to forge past their distrust, accept it as a logical progression, and begin to embrace some elements of advancement. Postmodernists have also lost faith in transcendence and spirituality, but to counter this loss they search and find hope in mystical forces or worldly treasures. Objective reality doesn’t exist for them either, but …show more content…
Neo comes to terms with his new and bitter reality. Neo’s reality is one in which his world was long ago destroyed, and most of the population is unwittingly imprisoned by machines that control their every move and thought. After this realization, it becomes a race against annihilation by the machines that have imprisoned them. In the fight to win back reality, Neo and a legion of rebels find it essential to use technology to defeat their captors. Due to their natural distrust of technology the ‘real’ population lives in virtual squalor without even basic creature comforts normally afforded during such a technologically advanced time. Although technology is missing from their daily routine, they certainly utilize every bit they can access to prevent the further enslavement of the population and their annihilation. This laborious existence leads to many defeated attitudes, but those living this difficult life often find strength to fight through the prophecies of one woman. There are moments spent with the Oracle, an all seeing and knowing entity. She is only seen in the world created by the machines, but her abilities and information have evaded detection by their captors long enough for her to express many thoughts and feelings. Truth seekers must decipher the mystics’ proverbs on their own; therefore her objective perspective is subject to varied interpretation

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