Perspectives of Pyschology Essay

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Part 1 Extended Response

Psychoanalytic is the perspective that childhood sexuality and unconscious motivations influence personality. It is accountable for the development of an introverted or extroverted type of personality because if a person is unconsciously aware of their actions then it's possible they do not have a lot of control over certain behaviors such as greed or pride. Also when someone becomes fixated on any of the psychosexual stages then it can alter behaviors and will affect personality as the child develops. So for example if a person has a very weak ego and a more dominant superego or more dominant id then it can have a huge affect on their personality. If the person is a do-gooder then their superego will emit
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Part 2 Short Responses

1. Learned helplessness is hopelessness and passive resignation a human or animal learns when unable to avoid repeated aversive events. If a teen studies before every algebra test but repeatedly fails the test then they will begin to think they can never pass. This creates a feeling of hopelessness so the behavior of studying creates a new behavior of giving up and not studying.

2. Optimistic attributional style is a positive way to explain life events. This can affect behavior in a good way; because rather than being down about an event it's as if the person looks on the bright side of things. For example say someone has a close family member that dies; instead of blaming it on God they thank God for taking that person to a better place. So then they aren't angry because of the death but are happy for that person.

3. External locus of control is the perception that chance or outside forces determine a person's fate. This can be mainly bad in influencing a person's behavior because then they would never take responsibility for their actions. So if someone did poorly on exam instead of criticizing themselves they complain about the exam. The person could have focused on themselves and what they needed to do to become better but instead they blame the exam so they don't really learn. The next time they take

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