Personal Values Paper

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I will be speaking about my personal values the ground rules and where and how they fit in with my decision making. The influences I received and who the players were which helped me shape my values. The criteria and the decision making factors and how I revised them. I will be speaking on the impact which values has played on my performance in the workplace and in what ways the impact has had on my personal and professional life in today’s society. I will also speak on what I decided to do for myself when making a decision on my career pertaining to going back to school and the support I received when deciding to do so. Never let money be the determining factor when making decision pertaining to values.
What My Values Are
First I would
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My mother and father had a major impact on my life for several reasons. The fact they were both good parents and raised me and the rest of my siblings with values and morals impacted my life. These are some of the values I have instilled because of my up bring from my parents. As a person hard work was a must if any possible way of accomplishing any of your goals.
A person whom is a hard worker do not look for handouts and do not have a problem working hard for whatever it may be he or she may want. Never expect anything to be given to him or her because there being nothing positive you can gain from it. The importance of being independence and make your own decisions and do not be a follower. I have learned the importance of feeling good about the decisions you make as a person and with this being said also having a positive attitude you can’t go wrong. Doing things you know in your heart is not right me personally my conscious will bother me.
My oldest sister Bobbie has been a mentor in several ways. She goes after whatever it may be she wants. She is very strong and never lets anyone get in the way of her decision making process. She has taught me never to start a task without having a completion date on it and do it in the allotted time given. She does well in her personal and professional life, and has been employed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield for 35 years. My parents are the same as well as myself

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