Essay about Personal Statement : Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Personal Leadership Philosophy: When developing my own leadership philosophy, I prioritized the leader’s commitment and persistence towards the group’s goal and mission. In practice, a strong level of commitment is necessary for the functional success of a group. It is important for leaders to remain committed and persistent to the group’s overall goal, so that they can, in turn, impose that same level onto the other group members as well. Northouse describes a leader as one who can “provide followers with a vision and a sense of mission” by modeling their own level of commitment (191). A leader has a great deal of influence on their subordinates, and Northouse highlights this dilemma in the transformational approach through his explanation of the ideal influence a leader has on their followers. Path-goal theory describes, specifically, how a leader can motivate a group by making the “path to the goal clear and easy to travel through coaching and direction, remov¬ing obstacles and roadblocks to attaining the goal, and making the work itself more personally satisfying” (Northouse 138). A leader should possess the ability to sense and address the problems in a group and alleviate much of the stress of the work and in order to increase motivation. I believe it to be the leader’s responsibility to create an environment that facilitates a strong level of motivation in order to inspire a stronger sense of commitment among their individuals.
In order for a leader to be effective…

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