Peer Review Article Versus Popular Press Article on Lead Poisening

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Lead poisoning has been a concern for many years. In fact, because of the affects of lead poisoning, there has been an extensive decline in its use. "Many people believe lead poisoning is no longer a threat, yet millions of homes contain lead based paint" (Heck, J., 2005, para. 1). Exposure to lead at any level is unhealthy, especially in infants, children, and pregnant women and continues to be an ongoing dilemma in this country. I read two articles concerning lead poisoning; the first article is from FineTuning, a popular press and the second article is from Pediatrics, a peer-review journal. In this paper, I will clearly summarize each article by comparing the content of both articles. In addition, I will summarize the attention to …show more content…
It therefore is essential that adequate and accurate information about childhood lead exposure continues to accompany such reminders. This report overlooks several significant biochemical and clinical details that are important for clinicians to understand in their care of the many children who continue to be exposed to and harmed by lead (Florin, Brent, & Weitzman, 2005, para. 1).
While both articles were written to inform the reader about the ongoing dangers of lead poisoning, unlike the previous article, this article was not written for the nonprofessional. This article is filled with details pertaining to the case of the 4-year-old child. The article is filled with scientific terminology, such as, acronyms that the nonprofessional most likely would not understand, even though the authors write out the words of each acronym. This article is detail-oriented about the medical issues pertaining to the symptoms of the 4-year-old child. The article further stresses the importance of managing the treatment of the child's lead poisoning. In addition, this article gives recommendations for clinical professionals to investigate further additional possible sources of lead that is causing the lead poison in the 4-year-old by suggesting,
Those involved in the management of this

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