Pb Technologies-Managing People in Organazations Essay

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PB Technologies Exercise The exercise was designed so that everyone is assigned to an executive position in PB Technologies. Then, everyone has to choose his or her candidate individually before we attend the executives meeting to come up with a single candidate. My position in the organization was the VP of Marketing. Once I received the exercise’s handout, I read it carefully, compared the three candidates’ resumes and then decided to nominate Suzanne T. Valdes for the Senior VP of Finance and CFO position. I based my decision on the fact that she has the most related work experience and personality to the position, EMBA and she is an insider, which I believe is a very important quality for that position.
My team consisted of six
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I felt relaxed that I have turned my group choice to the majority. However, Professor Sanford DeVoe explained that there is no right or wrong choice in the exercise. Moreover, he mentioned that most of the groups who chose Kristin did not discuss the unshared information about the other candidates, especially Nancy. I believe that the reason why no one in my group nominated Nancy is that we all know that she forgot to give the credit to her subordinates once the job is completed.
The people who selected Nancy were a minority among their groups, and therefore, they did not influence the majority decision except for one person in a group who convinced his group to choose Nancy. This is a strong evidence of the Common Information Effect “The influence of an item of information on group judgment is directly and positively related to the number of members who held the item before discussion”. Since we all shared a negative information about Nancy, only one group out of thirteen preferred her to get the CFO position.
Then, the Professor asked each group how they managed the meeting. It turned out that most, if not all, groups started the meeting by taking a poll. This way will give the dominant choice more power over the others, and therefore, the minority might hesitate to challenge the majority. This effect is known as conformity “A change in behaviour due to the real or

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