Patient Advocacy: a Concept Analysis Essay

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Concept Analysis: Patient Advocacy Abstract
The purpose of this concept analysis is to clarify, define, and refine how patient advocacy is perceived in the nursing community. Much of the literature has attempted to define patient advocacy and emphasis its role within the nursing profession. This paper will discuss multiple definitions of patient advocacy from existing literature and refine them into two critical characteristics.

Concept Analysis: Patient Advocacy
(10%)I – SELECTION OF CONCEPT Patients often have a limited knowledge of illness and medicine, yet they desire more control over their healthcare. In many healthcare settings, patient care is inconsistent and "patients' quality of
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• Preserving the patients' right to self-determination. This represents a specific series of actions that preserve and respect patients' values, beliefs, and rights in healthcare situations. Actions that are taken to promote and protect patients' rights include teaching, informing, educating, caring, and supporting.
Case study example: A 29 year old male with a new diagnosis of an inoperable grade IV glioblastoma. He was offered the opportunity to participate in a trial involving a new chemotherapy that could possibly prolong his life. He confided to the nurse involved in his care that he was having difficulty deciding whether or not to participate due to the need for an extended hospital stay to more closely monitor treatment. He asked the nurse to help find more information about the drug.
1-Model case: The nurse contacted a helpline and obtained written information about the nature of the cancer and the drug. She also contacted an oncologist who provided the patient with additional information. The oncologist conveyed to the patient that the trial might be able to offer some "quality of life". Although due to the nature of the trial, what this involved could not be specified. The

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