Parents Child Observation Essay example

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Parent Child Observation

The setting is a home environment of a friend; the environment is clean, warm and sunny. It is not set up for children however, there are no toys, the child does not have other children to play with, and there are about eight other adults present for a get together. The situation seems like it could be possibly boring to a four year old child as there are not any toys, he can not run around in the house, and is expected to sit still for a while. In terms of safety everything is fine. Since some of the adults are using equipment to detoxify, the child did have the supervision of his Mom while using the same equipment. In terms of intellectual stimulation realizing that the child might become bored the Mom
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This style is high on discipline, but also high on love. It is harsher than authoritarian parenting, but still high on love.
Another theory that can be applied to this parent child interaction is theory Erick Erickson's Psychosocial Development. The child is four years old and is in preschool. This stage of development according to Erickson works on the concept of initiative versus shame and doubt. The preschooler's main objective is to seek achievement, through a sense of initiative. It is important to promote a sense of initiative by providing age appropriate tasks. As well as, to avoid making the child feel bad or guilty when they fail at something. This child was not given a couple of chances to have age appropriate task when he was read to, and played a game. However, his attention span is short at this stage and to expect good behavior for several hours without age appropriate tasks is unrealistic.
Parents contribute to the child's self-esteem greatly at this stage and age. Judgments are interpreted as worth, and children often make judgments on how others like them, and are socially accepted. The author Heath recommends at this stage it is important for parents to build a positive relationship with their child. To send clear messages the parent wants to be with them. It is essential to arrange times when they can be fully present, listen without judging with the child. "Also, it is important to

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