Own Theory of Personality Essay

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The perception of personality varies from person to person. The conclusion of what an individual's personality may be is based upon the criteria of the person observing another.
Our profile--our personality--stands in dialectical relationship to perception. What we are as a personality, our motives, goals, temperaments, and so on, influence what we perceive as a situation; and this perception itself will influence our personality.
Each person is a unique personality, a profile of motivational, temperamental, and ability dispositions and powers. This profile is what we know as another's character, personality, nature, constitution, caliber, or style. This profile is not static nor set on its course; perception and experience can radically
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For example we have this certain hormone which may cause the irritability of a woman during her period. So biology per se may also contribute to how a personality is shaped and why we behave in certain ways which are different to other individuals.
Accidents also influence how the person behaves. These accidents may be physiological or experiential. Not everything that happens in our environment is part of some great historical or evolutionary movement! Sometimes these things happen. Accidents cannot be predicted to happen. No one expected these events. These are unforeseen events that may change the flow of a person's behavior which may bring about change in the individual's personality itself. This can also be seen in Bandura's fortuitous events which are unforeseen events that can alter a person's life. For example one, a person got in a car accident. This event may lead the person to change his behavior maybe not intentionally but just the sense that the accident happened, something in that person's behavior may be altered. The person may get trauma or phobias from even riding in an automobile just because of that accident. A person can either be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time.
So far, I have discussed to you the three factors that influence an individual's personality. But the most important of these factors is one's own choice. As a person, we

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