Organizational Behavior in the Workplace Essay

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Organizational Behavior Research Paper

Organizational Behavior
December 8, 2005

Identification and definition of the problem. My workplace environment at one time was a pleasant place to be. All the employees got along and worked together very well. We were a team and like to help each other out when one was in need. It was like clock work. We would go to work wanting to be there to do our jobs because we all knew we would have fun throughout the day while we were working. Then a new manager or I will call him my supervisor joined the team. It was not planned, we knew our store needed some help but the employees did not know for definite when we would be getting a new supervisor. The first day was like any usual first day.
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I would also let him know how disappointed I was that we were having this discussion again and remind him of his termination from the company if he did not change permanently.
Discuss the changes you expect After the intervention I would expect a vast change in my supervisors attitude and behavior toward his job and his employees especially now that he would be aware of his termination if he did not change. I would expect my supervisor to come to work like he wants to be there or at the least have a much better attitude so he does not bring all of us down. I would expect him to continue to try to make the work environment a more pleasant place to work while he is there. There was nothing wrong when he started so he shouldn't try to fix what is not broken. Before he came our work days were like a well oiled machine and now it is like a broken machine. I would expect him to fix that since he was the one who broke us. I would also like for him to apologize for his past behavior but that may be asking too much.
Why do you think changes will occur? I feel changes will occur if it gets serious enough for the general manager to allow an intervention. That way the supervisor will at least know the significance of the issue and hopefully try to help solve the problems instead of fight against them. If that were to happen I feel he should be terminated for his unprofessional behavior during a considerable issue. I am sure

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