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Essay1:- Imagine your new CEO wants to reorganize the AAA Management Company so it is more efficient and effective. Look at the model below and analyze the CEO’s reorganization plan. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the structure he proposed, and then reorganize the structure so it provides optimal benefits to operations of the company.

AAA Management's New Organizational Structure | CIO | CEO | CTO | CPO | Vice Presidents | CSO CKO | Managers | Analysts |

Essay Answer1:- Let’s look at the different roles and responsibility of title listed above before going into discussion for effective reorganization.
CEO: The job title, CEO (Chief executive officer),
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The role of CTO is similar to CIO, except that CIO must take on the additional responsibility of ensuring that IT aligns with the organization’s strategic initiatives (Baltzan, 2011).
The chief privacy officer (CPO) is responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of information within an organization. CPO is the newest senior executive position in IT. Recently, 150 of the Fortune 500 companies added the CPO position to their list of senior executives. Many CPOs are lawyers by training, enabling them to understand the often complex legal issues surrounding the use of information. Ideally CPO should report to CTO as CTO id next powerful role in organization next to CIO proposal A. We can also have some organization where CPO will directly report to CIO as it’s also a senior executive position as legal issue would require direct attention from upper management and it will depend on organization as in where they want to position CPO (Baltzan, 2011).
The chief security officer (CSO) is responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems and developing strategies and IT safeguards against attacks from hackers and viruses. The role of a CSO has been elevated in recent years because of the number of attacks from hackers and viruses. Most CSOs possess detailed knowledge of networks and telecommunications because hackers and viruses usually find their way into IT systems through networked computers (Baltzan, 2011).
The chief knowledge officer

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