Online Learning Success Essay

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In today’s society, so many people are continuing their education beyond high school. We realize that in order to make a decent living, a degree is most likely a requirement. In some cases even a bachelor’s degree is not enough to qualify for many positions. Nevertheless, thanks to technology, we now have the option to learn online or in a traditional classroom setting. There are very few differences between the two, and students need to understand that as much time and energy will need to be devoted to the online courses as on a campus. “A 2010 meta-analysis and review of online-learning studies concluded that online learning was as good as or slightly more effective than traditional face-to-face instruction” (Mendenhall, 2011). …show more content…
It is important that online learners develop great time management skills to avoid a stressful workload. Students should create a plan to help them be more productive with their coursework. “Time management allows us furthermore to take control over our professional as well as personal life, as it helps us to know what needs to be done and what goals need to be accomplished on a daily basis” (Effective Time Management). Furthermore, poor time management can be the downfall of online learning and even those who are not students. Majority of online learners are professionals with families. Having poor time management could also affect their families in a negative way. According to Jackie Durham, an education and training consultant, you’ll need to work on finding ways to help you prioritize the demands of your time. This simply means to determine which tasks have more importance, and which ones you will complete first. The ultimate goal is to get more done in the least amount of time. Having good time management skills will enable you to be productive and make progress in all areas of your life. This way you are still able to control both your stress and energy levels. “The only way you can start using your time more effectively is to figure out how much of it you’re not using effectively” (Kerr, 2011). Furthermore, the way to do this is by keeping track of all of your time. In addition, there are also numerous books and resources available that aid in improving time

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