On Gold Mountain by Lisa See Essay

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Can you imagine moving to a different country and trying to raise a family in a country that is not your homeland? Many people make this decision on a daily basis. However, which traditions and values would you choose to teach your children? Would you teach your children their homeland traditions or their new country traditions? In the book, On Gold Mountain by Lisa See, Fong See struggled in being accepted publicly as a member of American Society and he also struggled with trying to keep his Chinese traditions and values with his families. In his second marriage, he succeeded in being accepted by the American society, but was not as successful with his Chinese traditions. However, in his third marriage, he was successful in maintaining …show more content…
Fong See was an intelligent individual. “He made his reputation and maintained his strength by avoiding the traditional roles of his fellow immigrants.” (See, 233). This quote proved that Fong See did everything he could to avoid being associated with his fellow immigrants and instead being accepted by American society. He maintained a good reputation as a business man because he seemed to immaculate the good business men in America. He did not work in factories or low paying jobs like his fellow immigrants. He found a way to be his own boss like most successful American business men. Fong See kept his Chinese heritage, traditions and values alive as best he could. He always believed that the first born child is always the special child. He valued his sons over his daughters, which is a Chinese custom. He had his brother read to him the daily Chinese newspaper every morning. He believed in the way Chinese dealt with disease and the medication / herbs they should be receiving. He felt it was okay to leave his fourteen year old son, Eddy, behind in China to care for his grandmother. He also felt entitled to have multiple wives, which is the reason why his marriage to the only women, who he married for love, came to an end. He tried to follow the Chinese customs in his personal and private life, but due to his wife interfering he was unsuccessful. Americans

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