Essay about Nursing Is A Profession That Ensures Excellence

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Nursing is a profession that ensures excellence through the incorporation of both the creative art, and the science of nursing. Nursing as a community has a commitment to deliver compassionate, holistic care to all patients in a competent, ethical, and caring manner. Caring and empathy are fundamental qualities of the nursing profession, that characterize concern and consideration for the whole person, the commitment to the common good, and the outreach to those who are vulnerable.
The nursing metaparadigm includes four basic concepts; the target of care: the individual, the external influences on the target: the environment, the goal of the care: health, and the care itself: nursing. In regard to nursing an individual could refer to a single person, a family, or even a group of people in need of health care. Health is defined as the state of being free from illness or injury. In relation to health, illness is a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind. Caregivers for those who were ill have always existed. Nurses exist to coexist with the patient on their journey from whatever state their health is at, to the patient’s overall goal.
As a nurse it is vital to demonstrate excellence in clinical care through a commitment to evidence based practice, and to deliver culturally competent patient care within a caring, healing environment. Nurses must provide both a compassionate and respectful environment for all members of the community, including patients as well…

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