Never Judge a Book by Its Cover Essay

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Never Judge a Book by its Cover:

For many years the public would say that when asked to visualize a person with tattoos their first thoughts would be of criminals, sailors, bikers, or gangsters. Not anymore! Tattoos have become culturally acceptable in today’s society. They have a rich history that dates back to 2000 B.C. before any kind of negative stigma was formed. Because of that stigma, however, tattoos and people with tattoos have developed a bad reputation. Many concerns such as the procedure, health risks and career complications are what have caused some of the negativity towards tattoos. In today’s society these are no longer the case and thus, the art has become mainstream.
The act of tattooing started in early
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The creation of the tattoo itself is a detailed process. When a client first walks into a tattoo shop they must work with an artist to decide on a design. The client can bring in pictures, objects, their own designs or they can also choose from several albums in the shop. After the artist has perfected the chosen design onto a stencil it is time to apply it to the client’s skin. At the beginning a single-tipped needle is used to trace the stencil onto the skin (Wilson). After the outline is in place and the area is cleaned the artist moves onto shading. “Shading involves thicker ink and the use of various needles so that the lines come out solid and even”. If the client requests color to be included into the design the shaded area is cleaned again by the artist to allow color ink to be overlapped. This over lapping technique is used to prevent holidays. “Holidays are uneven areas where color has lifted out during the healing or where the artist missed a section of skin” (Wilson). Finally the tattoo is complete and must be cleaned and bandaged to prevent the possibility of infection while it heals.
Tattoos are created by a machine swiftly injecting ink into skin by several small puncture wounds. Wounds of any kind are susceptible to infection. Because of this, health risks such as the transmission of diseases like hepatitis or HIV are a concern to those for and against tattoos. However, as long as the tattoo artist

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