Essay about Never Give Up, And Be Confident

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Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your adjectives and to win against all odds. I never knew that this quote would have a huge impact in my life especially when I had reached the sixth grade. Just a young, shy, and chubby kid ready for my first year in junior high, wondering about the new exciting things waiting for me. But if I knew that the exciting things would change into nightmares, I would have never left my bed.

Walking into this enormous castle of a school, I was handed a green sheet of paper with huge bolded words that spelled out my name followed by a long list of my classes. At that moment I realized that things just got real so I tried to hurry up and get to class on time. But, I was trembling so much from excitement, but mostly from being so nervous that I couldn’t make out what my schedule said. I eventually got myself together and was able to make out what my first class was and by surprise it was music. Walking into music class our teacher put us right to work and told us to get into groups of no more then four people. I curiously looked around for a group of people but, not noticing no one from elementary prompted me to meet new people I never had meet. Some people didn’t have trouble meeting new people but to me it was hard because I was a quite, shy, and antisocial. Eventually after like a century, I was able to find a group of three guys…

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