Essay on My Little Dear By Cathy Brown

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My Little Dear Cathy Brown was following her heart, a potentially stupid decision. She had traveled 4,821 miles from her home in Farmington, Utah to Poole, England all for love. At least a hope of love.
Steve McGill knew the moment he saw Cathy at the Heathrow airport in London she was the woman for him. He had known it for months through letters, tapes, pictures, and phone calls. He asked her to come stay with him for one week all for love. At least a hope of love.
That love would go undeveloped if Cathy and Steve had not decided to go the extra thousand miles and make an effort to find their special someone. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics about 50.2 percent of Americans were single in 2014 and only 30 percent of millennials find marriage to be “one of the most important things in life.”
The single life and the “selfie” is quickly becoming the norm. According to the U.S Census the total number of marriages fell from 2.45 million in 1990 to 2.11 million in 2010. Marriage is now overshadowed by fear, selfishness, and lack of commitment. Although a single future seems to be the fate of the rising generation, it doesn’t need to be. Cole Ratcliffe, a marriage and family counselor at BYU-Idaho, said, “You have to put yourself into the right opportunities to meet people.” He said relationships required effort and constant choices by both parties to leave their comfort zone. Cathy and Steve exemplify going the extra thousand miles to put themselves in the right…

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