My First Day Of Second Grade Essay examples

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“Missing Branches”

'Where did I come from? ' I never fully asked myself that question until I found myself coward under a cold desk on my first day of second grade. I will never forget the sense of confusion and merriment I felt at that moment when I realized I was different from my fellow classmates. Something about that day, though, made me more mindful and appreciative of where I came from and how blessed I truly am.

When I was younger, I never really thought I was different from other kids, being adopted by my grandparents since I was born was something I was familiar with, but I never really took it into consideration until second grade. My class was doing a family tree activity which was an easy assignment because it was pretty much just fill in the blank of your family member, but I can remember the feeling I got as my teacher was almost done with the directions still to this day. All of my other classmates were already rushing to start while I was still just staring at my blank page. You know that feeling you get when you 're taking a test that you 're not prepared for at all, well that was how I felt. I basically just gave up because I had no idea how to answer any of the questions on the lines connected to the branches of the tree. Honestly, I was way too uncomfortable to ask because no one else seems to have the problem I had.

Mrs. Rogers came around the room and when she got to me she asked why I hadn’t even started my tree. I just gave her a…

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