My First Day Of School Essay

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My journey threw school starts in kinder garden living in Mexico kinder garden was amazing, I felt like I belonged and I felt comfortable living with both my parents the world seemed to be perfect. Even though school was more about coloring and learning your ABC’s I loved the idea of learning. The fact that I shared the same interest as my classmates I felt like it was easier to learn. Then when I turned 9 my mom decided that we would move to America and accomplish the “American Dream” at the time it seemed like America was awesome I would see the big wall of metal that separated us from them, I was born in America but I had never been there before. Then the day came out of nowhere we move to Tucson AZ. My mom, sister and I we had moved to Tucson Arizona a week before school started. I was an elementary student, I was super excited my first day of school. As I walked into class I saw students from different part of the world something I had never experienced before. I was a kid with hunger to make friends. At the end of the first week I noticed that not speaking English was seen as a defect, student would talk about me and laugh I had never felt so alone. Learning another language was a challenge on its own. As I gave up on making friends I had another goal to learn English, maybe this way students would like me and then maybe I would meet someone to hangout, after a few months I began to understand I could hold a conversation I asked the girl I liked “how come no one…

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