Essay about My First Day High School

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My First Day High School
“Beeb! Beeb!”, my alarm rang in the morning.
Today was my first day of my freshman year at Toms River High School North and I was not excited. I know that on the first day of school everyone is very happy to be able to see all of their friends again and have a new experience in a new place but not me. I knew for a fact that this day was going to be a bad day. “ Priya! Hurry up. You do not want to be late for school on the first day.” my mom yelled from downstairs.
“ Coming mom” I yelled back.
Now for the first challenge of the day, trying to find a new outfit to wear. I started going through my closet and went through all of my clothes. I could not find anything that would be perfect to wear to school. Finally, I decided to settle on a floral dress and white converses. Great one challenge down and now for the greatest one. Going to school. I began walking down the stairs and my phone buzzed. It was my best friend and she wanted to know if I could walk to school with her. I replied to her and told her that I could walk with her and to meet her by the pool. “ Bye Mom. I’m leaving” I called to her as I went out the door.
I started walking and i saw my best friend so i called out to her. “Hey Emily. Are you ready for the first day of the new year.”
“Yes! I am so ready for this new year. We are going to be the best that we can be this new year” she said beaming with excitement.
At least one of us was happy about this transition into the new grade.…

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