My First Day At Preschool Essay examples

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Aristotle once said “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” This quote literally speaks towards my various educational experiences. Education is a noun an abstract noun to be exact, because there is no specific way it should be reflected through the five senses. Education means the wisdom passed down. While educated is an adjective, because it is describing the state of a person’s mental capacity. Educated defines as a person’s ability to use the knowledge they have received. I could talk about my first day at preschool, but I learned so much before that day. I learned about extended family before going to school. I learned that blood doesn’t make you family, but a bond does. Growing up I not only had a cheerleading team, but a college. I mean filled with; dance teams, football players, sororities, fraternities, and any other way may express your support for someone. It was like I was the sun who was surrounded by planets and my mom being Mercury the closet planet to the sun and my dad being Pluto the farthest from the sun which we later discover was never a planet. I recently learned that I was educated which may sound crazy, because I am seventeen and should’ve already known. Well I didn’t I knew I was smart, but educated never crossed my mind. As I stated when you use the knowledge you received, but I forgot one part an educated person isn’t someone who can tell you the first African Slaves traveled to America August 1619 on aboard the…

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