My Day - Original Writing Essay

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When I woke up that morning around 3:30 to start the day I thought that it would be a normal day, but little did I know it was going to be crazy. I walked into the living room to see Landon still on the computer, no surprise there. I asked him “what are you still doing up?” He didn’t even hear me through his headphones so I took them off his head and told him goodbye and to go to bed. I went out the door to begin my hour long commute to work. It sounds like a long time but it isn’t that bad. The drive there wasn’t bad and I clocked in just fine. One thing that was weird was my co worker Jim… He was actually on time for once.
“Hey Jim I see you’re here early,” I say.
“Yeah Dave me and the wife got into a fight so I tried to sneak out of there before she got up,” he responded.
I never felt that bad for Jim because he had a problem with alcohol and most of his marriage problems were on him. Anyways, I started work normally and got into my forklift. We didn’t load anything too cool that day, except for an industrial load of gummy bears, and strangely enough they were all coconut flavored. I took a hefty amount home for Logan and Landon. It was a somewhat slow day so I took a break and went back into the break room to grab a Mountain Dew. I spotted another co worker. This was Eugene and we didn’t like Eugene. He wasn’t really rude or anything he was just kinda weird and couldn’t drive a forklift worth a damn.
I really didn’t want to talk to him but while I was grabbing my…

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