My Cousin Vinny as It Relates to Criminal Jusice Essay

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My Cousin Vinny is a hilarious rendition of the American criminal justice system. It taps into various elements of the system as a whole. Most people probably never realize the formality that goes into actually being convicted of a crime. My Cousin Vinny explores many of the steps such as pretrial stages, key actors in the court process, and the criminal trial. There are some difference and similarities between what the movie portrayed and the actual criminal justice process which will be explored.
In the movie, My Cousin Vinny, when Bill and Stan went to Alabama, they thought they were getting pulled over because Bill stole some tuna fish. The county Sherriff pulled them over with his gun drawn. Now to me, the fact the Sheriff had his
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“Rules of discovery mandate that a prosecutor provide defense counsel with any exculpatory evidence in the prosecutor’s possession. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that is favorable to the accused that has an effect on guilt or punishment.” (Bohm and Haley, p 270) Again, something that prior to watching this movies and doing this paper, I was unaware that prosecutors had to provide such information. Another key actor in the court process is the defense attorney. The movie had the defense attorney, Vinny, come into play just prior to the arraignment. The movie failed to have the defense attorney offered during the line-up or questioning, which as our text states; “defendants have the right to counsel during custodial interrogations, preliminary hearings, and police line-ups.” (Bohm and Haley, p272) Though, during questing the sheriff did ask Bill if he was aware of his right and if he was willing to waive them. I think that he should have restated them to ensure the suspect was one hundred percent certain what he was agreeing to. I used to think that judges were the most important people when dealing with cases. I now know this is an untrue statement. Judges do play a very vital role in court process. The movie showed the judge ensured that the visiting defense attorney would be appropriately prepared for court in Alabama by providing him with a book. The judge also did some background investigation on

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